کالج کارآفرینی تیوان
معرفی ورزش رزمی سوپر ساباکی ـ اخبار ـ آموزش ـ معرفی ورزشکاران برتر
World Super Sabaki Kai Kan Do Organization

بازدید : مرتبه
تاریخ : 1390/03/08

Kancho  Akbar  Rouhparvar, Started his martial art in 1968 , and  Kyokushikai Style in 1975.

Since  1976 he  has  started  coaching  young  students , and  have  been  in charge of  Iran Karate Federation  Technical  committee and  chief  of Board of Karate of Ray City.

He  has  passed the  international coaching  course  in the  Netherlands in 1986 . In  1992, he  took  part  in Japan Kyokushinkai  Matches and  spent  on year  in Ashihara and Kyokushinkai  Clubs  in Japans  and obtained the branch representative ness of  Ashihara  Karate .

Akbar  Rouhparvar  in 1993, won the   2nd  rank of  K-1 international tournament of  Japan.

During  last  15 years , Kancho Rouhparvar  has trained many teams and  with  them has  wan many  high ranks  in international  Karate  tournaments, including 3rd  rank of Denmark Sabaki Challenge, 2nd rank of  Moscow  2000 Championship , and  Champion  of Abudahbi 2000 tournament, and soon.

Kancho Roubparvar  in 2000 , Founded “  The  world Super Sabaki “ in Iran, which  is registered  in Iran  Karate  Federation.

This  style is rapidly  progressing in the world.

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